Client Access

1. About these Terms & Conditions

Please read these terms and conditions ('terms') carefully as they as they affect your rights and liabilities under the law and set out the terms on which Raymond James Investment Services Limited ('Raymond James') provides you with the Client Access service.

When you register with us for Client Access, you are required to confirm your acceptance to these terms and your consent to us using your personal information in connection with the provision of the Client Access services in accordance with our Privacy Policy. By accepting the terms you are authorising us to add all your accounts, including joint accounts, that you hold with us now or in the future, to Client Access and make these available to you online.

These terms may be amended by us from time to time by updating this posting and include any terms of which we notify you in our Terms of Business (as amended from time to time). You should check these terms regularly to ensure that you are aware of any changes. By continuing to access Client Access, you are deemed to have accepted any such changes. We recommend that you store or print off a copy of the terms for your records.


References to 'you', 'your' and 'yours' are references to the account holder who has registered for Client Access. References to 'we' 'us' and 'our' are references to Raymond James. We may at any time appoint one or more agents to provide all or any part of Client Access, and references to 'we', 'us' or 'our' will include such agents.

References to 'Wealth Manager' are to your Raymond James or affiliated firm account wealth manager.

'Client Access' is the service provided by us to you by which you may access information in respect of certain of your accounts with us. For further information, please see below under "About the Service".

If any part of the terms proves to be unenforceable in any way, this will not affect the validity of the remaining terms which remain in full force and effect.

These terms incorporate the terms set out in the Legal Notice and acceptance by you of the Client Access Terms and Conditions shall be deemed to be an acceptance by you of the Legal Notice.

2. Registration, Security & Cookies

When you register with us, you will be issued with a User ID, a unique identifier which you will be required to input at the log-in screen prompt in order to gain access to Client Access.

Client Access uses enhanced authentication also known as two-factor authentication(2FA), this is an enhanced feature that requires a password and a one-time security code sent via mobile or landline, which you simply enter when prompted to validate your identity. You will also have the option to select your preferred phone number to receive the one-time security code.

If you select “Remember me on this device,” you will only have to enter the one-time security code occasionally, instead of every time you log in. For your security, make sure to only select this option on personal and trusted devices.

Part of the setup process is to create additional security questions as a fall-back for the one-time security code being unavailable.

Each registration is for a single user only. You agree to keep your User ID secure and secret at all times and take steps to prevent unauthorised use of it and/or your password and security questions. In particular, you agree that you shall:

  • not write down or otherwise record your User ID or Password or Security Questions in a way that can be understood by someone else;
  • not disclose your User ID or Password or Security Questions to someone else, including your Wealth Manager;
  • destroy any advice or notification from us concerning your User ID or Password promptly after receipt;
  • avoid Passwords which may be easy to guess such as birthdays, telephone numbers, dates of birth etc;

You agree that you will not let anyone else use Client Access using your User ID, password and security questions, and that you will notify us immediately of any unauthorised access to Client Access, or if you suspect someone else knows your User ID, password and/or security questions. You accept responsibility for logging off Client Access at the end of every session.

Cookies Policy

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First or third party cookie?
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(A) personally identify/link to a personally identificable user, or

(B) merely identify the device used to access the site?
Essential functionality
(User session data)

Session Identifier and session token
Essential functionality for maintaining a user’s login session and session token Session
First Party
Strictly Necessary [Category 1]
Performance [Category 2]
Low No (B) merely identify the device used to access the site
Co-Brand support functionality
(source code, partner code)
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First Party
[Category 3]
Low No (B) merely identify the device used to access the site
Password Reset for Security and essential functionality

Unique cookie name (specific to client) - Essential
Tracks attempts through password reset/change and profile set. The second cookie is unique and relates to the security question. Session
First Party
Strictly Necessary [Category 1]
Functionality [Category 3]
Low No (B) merely identify the device used to access the site
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More Information

If you would like to discuss any aspect of our cookie policy please contact us on +44 (0)20 3798 3500.

3. About the Service

Client Access is designed only to provide you with certain information about your account(s) to assist you with the administration of your portfolio. It does not provide real-time information about your account(s), nor does it replace any service provided to you by your Wealth Manager. In the event of Client Access being wholly or partly unavailable or if you require real-time information about your account(s), you are advised to telephone your Wealth Manager.

In particular, you should not base a decision to buy, hold or sell securities on the information provided to you by Client Access. Moreover, neither Raymond James nor any connected company accepts responsibility for any direct or indirect or consequential loss or damage howsoever incurred suffered by you or any other person as a result of your acting, or deciding not to act, in reliance of information obtained from Client Access, or in the event of Client Access being wholly or partly unavailable.

You are liable for any telephone charges and any charges made by your Internet Service Provider as a result of your use of Client Access.

The site(s) or screens through which you access Client Access are subject to change by us. Unless we have specifically agreed to give prior notice to you we may make such changes (including changes to layout) without notification to you.

You should be aware that we use a high level of encryption. The use of such levels of encryption may be illegal in jurisdictions outside the UK. It is your responsibility to ensure that, if you are accessing Client Access from outside the UK, your use of Client Access is permitted by local law. Raymond James shall not be liable for any loss or damage suffered by you as a result of you not being able to use Client Access in these jurisdictions.

4. About the Information Provided on Client Access

We will take reasonable care to ensure that any information provided to you by Client Access is an accurate reflection of the information contained in our computer systems or, where the information is provided by a third party, accurately reflects the information we receive from that third party. Due to the nature of the product and circumstances beyond our control, we do not warrant that the information provided by Client Access is accurate or error free.

Securities prices are quoted as at the close of business on the last day that the security was traded and are, therefore, only an historic indication of the value of your account(s).

Certain collective investment schemes or securities do not have prices available in the public domain. This typically applies to certain non-traditional assets such as hedge funds. The price for these assets is provided by the fund manager or other third party source and may or may not be independently verifiable. We make no warranty or representation as to the value of such investments even if we agree to assign them a price and value.

All accounts included on Client Access are reflected using GBP (£) as the base currency. If you hold an account in another currency, the price will be reflected in that currency and the value will be reflected on the GBP (£) basis.

Certain transaction counterparties require pre-funding, therefore there may be occasions when cash leaves your account before the security is deposited. We will try to reflect these positions in the information provided by Client Access, but may not always be able to do so.

Information provided by Client Access is not suitable for the calculation of tax liabilities, nor for the preparation of valuations in respect of probate or estate administration. You should request a formal and complete valuation from your Wealth Manager if you wish to rely upon it for any purpose, whether known to us or not.

5. Document Delivery

Valuation Reports, Tax Reports, Contract Notes and other summary reports on the accounts, will be available to view and download digitally through Client Access. Notification of any new document(s) available will be sent to the email address you provided.

For Contract Notes, activation of your Client Access account and acceptance of these terms will be taken as our instruction to start only delivering Contract Notes (where applicable) digitally. For accounts where there is joint ownership these may continue to be sent via post until we can verify that this will not impact the ability of additional owners to access these documents.

For all other documents- where Raymond James Investment services is responsible for delivering these to you instead of your wealth manager - activation of your Client Access account and acceptance of these terms will also be taken as our instruction to start only delivering said documents to you digitally. Where applicable this includes but is not limited to Valuation reports, Ex-post costs and charges statements, Capital gains tax reports, Consolidated tax vouchers, US Reclassification statements or Statements of excess reportable income. For documents which include reference to multiple accounts or where there is joint ownership of one or more of these account referenced we may continue to send the original via post until such time we can verify that this will not impact the ability of core owners to access these documents. The option remains available, on a document level, for you to continue to receive paper copies of these.

Where requested, any additional copies e.g. to accountants, solicitors or other third parties will continue to be sent by Royal Mail 1st Class post. If you still wish to receive your copy of any of the above documents by Royal Mail 1st Class post in addition to the online electronic versions, you are not sure which documents you are currently set to receive or whether these are distributed by Raymond James Investment services or your wealth manager, please contact our client support team on +44 (0)20 3798 3500.

If your wealth manager distributes any of these documents instead of Raymond James you will only see digital copies of any of the above in your client access account. You will need to contact your wealth manager directly to discuss distribution of any original copies.